Are you looking for Melasma Treatment Delhi .Keshlogy clinic provides melasma treatment in Delhi for anybody struggling with hyperpigmentation. Our skincare professionals are experienced in reducing and removing discoloration from your skin. Within a few sessions, you will notice the results on your skin, restoring your complexion and rejuvenating its appearance. We use industry standard methods and products to supply our clients with solutions for melasma, ranging from chemical peels to microdermabrasion in addition to products that will further diminish the presence of melasma on your skin. Melasma can appear on all skin types and affects both women and men, however women see much higher rates of occurrence. Affecting the chin, cheeks, forehand, and lips, melasma appears as dark brown discoloration. Also known as the "mask of pregnancy", melasma can occur after a pregnancy, though it is not limited to this instance. Women aged 20-50, genetically predisposed, taking birth control, exposed to the sun for long periods of time, or undergoing hormone replacement therapy are at risk of developing melasma. Our melasma treatment in Keshlogy clinic professionals will speak with you regarding possible components leading to this condition, and will work with you to develop strategies to minimize and potentially eliminate their appearance. Fortunately, melasma will not cause greater harm to the body and is not a symptom of a deeper illness; however melasma can cause low self-esteem, a decrease in happiness, and depression. Olive skin types who are in the sun for long periods of time, including Latina and Middle Eastern people, have reported higher instances of melasma. Though not entirely known, many leading researchers believe that melasma is the cause of stimulation to the melanocytes, cells that produce skin color, by estrogen and progesterone to produce more pigmentation in the skin - thus giving skin a darker appearance. Heat may also be a factor that contributes to the overstimulation of melanocytes. We utilize different methods of approach with our safe melasma treatment in Keshlogy clinic. When we speak with you to determine the most effective approach, we will administer and monitor the results as they occur. Because melasma is caused by hyperpigmentation, we offer our clients with microdermabrasion and chemical peels to remove the top-most layer of your skin, the epidermis. With our melasma treatment in Keshlogy clinic options, we are sure to provide you with relief from skin discoloration and restore your skin's natural appearance and your self-esteem. Suggested Pre and Post Homecare Products varies per client. Some of the melasma treatment in Midtown NYC products we recommend to our clients include: Exfoliating Foamer 15 cleanser (Removes impurities and dead cells and purifies the skin)

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