Do you need ear lobe repair for stretched ears? Are you having difficulty stretching further due to damaged tissue or thin lobes? Have your heavy earrings stretched your ear lobes and grown out? We can repair stretched ear lobes (that have been split or weakened) by removing the damaged tissue and connecting the healthy tissue together. This will shrink the current size of the hole, but will allow you to stretch further once fully healed. Alternatively we can repair the hole completely by removing the damaged excess tissue from the ear lobe. As this procedure is no longer offered on the NHS the only alternatives are private cosmetic surgeries or body modification studios. We use the exact same equipment, sterilisation methods and procedure here, except we aren’t out to rip you off! There’s a reason cosmetic surgeons drive Porsches! There are many reasons people consider this minor surgical procedure. Some people, having intentionally stretched their ear lobes to wear tunnels or stretchers, later find themselves looking for work in industries were this modification is unsafe or simply not allowed. Others may have unintentionally stretched their lobes after decades of wearing heavy, dangly earrings. This can result in elongated lobe piercing holes or in some cases, if the jewellery has migrated (grown out) far enough, can split the lobe completely. We have ear lobe repair options for all causes, types and shapes of damaged ears.


It is advised that you eat before your appointment. Please allow two hours for the appointment even though the procedure itself only takes around 30 minutes per ear. I also recommend bringing someone with you if possible so that you aren’t alone for the journey back (in case of light-headedness, dizzyness – common if you haven’t eaten enough). If you are planning on driving, I recommend having someone else drive you home

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